Retirement Planning With Extra Cash by Bob Lowry


Retirement Planning With Extra Cash by Bob Lowry

This is a post that asks you to dream a little and share your thoughts with us. There are no bad choices, so don’t hesitate to add your comment. 

Pretend that you have just inherited $3,000 with only one stipulation: you must spend the money on yourself. Giving the money to charity, putting it into a college fund for your grandchild, or paying down a credit card bill are all great uses for this extra cash. Fixing a balky air conditioner might be a necessity. But, for today and for  this post, don’t think that way. Focus on you, what makes you happy, what you would add to your home, your life. 

Maybe you have been looking at a fancy new digital camera or long lens. There is a room in your home that would look so much better with fresh carpets or a wood floor. A couple of new power saws for your woodworking hobby would be perfect. How about a custom bookcase in the living room for all those books you have stacked in various corners around the house? That kitchen oven never holds the right temperature and has a broken stovetop burner. 

Dream and share. $3,000 isn’t enough to take a cruise around the world, buy that 1965 Mustang you’ve had your eye on for years, or redo your master bath. But, it is enough to fulfill a wish, put a smile on your face, and make a corner of your world a happier place.

It is just a dream…I will not be awarding someone $3,000! But, I thought it would be fun to share what we would do with money that we must spend on our happiness, no matter how unrealistic the dream.

Ready, set….share!

By Bob Lowry

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