Why Worry, Be Happy by Bill Storie

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Why Worry, Be Happy by Bill Storie

Time and time again we hear of people in their golden years moaning about “young folks these days.” We regularly read about in our online pages or hear it in conversation at the grocery store. We may even hear it in our own homes.

“They are so wrapped up in their own lives they don’t even know I exist,” said one Olderhood member in a post a couple of weeks back.

“It’s as if I’ve served my purpose in life by having the children then them having their children, so I can go anytime,” said another. Heavy stuff huh?

So we asked around our membership privately for their thoughts and the responses were fairly universal and standard. There almost seemed to be a common theme regardless of age, regardless of male/female and certainly regardless of country or culture. Strange huh?

The general feeling is not that the kids don’t love us any more, or any less, but that they have their own lives to live and while they do realize we’re still around, they are so consumed with their own issues that our issues are ignored. Obviously if illness sets in then they will be concerned and helpful as best they can, but our everyday feelings and emotions are invisible to them.

It seemed that many of those we spoke to do have concerns about the way they are treated, and in some cases there seemed to be a genuine annoyance at being disrespected. “What did I do to get the disrespect?” another respondent said. In other words some folks are truly angered and upset.

There isn’t a solution to this, certainly not a one-size-fits-all one. Everyone is different and in different circumstances although the similarities are basically obvious. So if you are in that situation with your own family or friends then take comfort from the fact that you are not suffering alone. It might be fair to say that the majority of Oldsters are on the same slippery slope and there may not be too much we can do to fix things.

We love to tease them with,

“If you see old age in your future, read this.

If you don’t, stop now.”

One lady summed it up rather nicely when she said, “I understand that young people nowadays think so differently from us. I get it. I also appreciate that they must live their lives. I get that also. So I decided a few years back to get on with MY OWN life and while I will tell them what I am doing and how I’m getting on, I won’t seek their opinion, far less their permission. I just get on with it.”

Good huh?

We may be older, we may be slower, we may even be dafter (yeah !!!), but we ain’t senile. We can think for ourselves. We can still speak in full sentences. We can dress ourselves (well almost). We can feed ourselves (popcorn at three in the morning doesn’t count). We can have opinions (yup, they can’t take that away from me !!). Oh yes and of course we can still vote !!!!

So this retirement gig isn’t that bad after all.

So there you are. Another view from the other side of the hill.



p.s. If you are on Linked In, come and join our new Retirement “U” Forum.



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