Do You Like Homework? by Bill Storie


Do you like homework? By Bill Storie

When I was at school I was one of those study nuts. I loved to study – especially in the library. That enjoyment stayed with me through my school years and carried on into university. As a matter of fact though, the librarian in the library I used at University was pretty cute – so that might have had something to do with it I guess.

I seemed to love wandering the aisles and twisting my head to the left then to the right to read the book titles – why can’t publishers make all books read from one side only? Some days I’d come back out quite dizzy. Head-spinning. I liked the quiet of the library as well. I especially loved the notion that you could tell someone to be quiet, and you’d get away with it. In fact you were encouraged to do that. I must try that at home one of these days. Nah !!

There was something special about discovering new places in the world, or animals I’d never heard of, or simply unearthing trivia – all of which the book provides. I liked trivia. I still do. In fact, many will say that when I write for Olderhood I write trivia. Some people of course aren’t so kind and use another word to describe my ramblings. Oh well, each to his own.

Yet for some obscure reason I could only study in the library. In fact, I hated what we used to call homework. You remember? The teacher would tell you what you had to read at home that night, because tomorrow she would test you. I failed miserably. I couldn’t be bothered. There was just something about reading serious stuff at home.

Maybe I reckoned that home was for eating, watching television and sleeping. The idea that I had to interrupt my cozy schedule with forced reading didn’t sit well with me. Yet in the library I was the class swot (I hope that’s the right word).

You’re wondering why I’m writing about this topic this week aren’t you? Well I’m as confused as you are. The truth is that I read my colleague’s article a couple of night ago about adjusting to life at home, in the absence of going out to the office or workplace. She was discussing the good and the bad bits about such adjustment and it got me to thinking whether I like working at home these days or whether I still need to go to the library, or the office more so these days, if I want to do some serious studying.

And I discovered that the funny thing is that I actually do like homework these days. Maybe the laptop and the internet have a lot to do with it. I don’t have to have half a dozen books over my bedroom floor or on top of the bed any more. I don’t have to stand up and walk across the room to read. These days I can twiddle my browser button and switch from reading about news events to sports events to YouTube videos to retirement websites, without moving too many muscles. One twiddle and I have gone from London to San Francisco back to Facebook. Easy.

So, adjusting to home life, while I can still work at keeping folks like you entertained with my words of wisdom, isn’t too bad after all. The world is at my finger tips and all I have to do is work out how to use the complexities of software on this small machine on my lap. I don’t have to twist my head to read from the right or the left. If I feel dizzy I simply meander across the room and flop on the bed. In fact if I get bored or tired I can lie down and have a nap (I also used to do that in school !!).

So come to think of it I don’t actually miss working in the library at all. Well that’s not totally accurate. I don’t have cute librarians offering to help me trying to find books that don’t exist (yup, I did that too I admit !!). Shame really.

Ok, that’s me for this week.

Stay Well. Be Happy.

By Bill Storie






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