Change Your Face? by Robin Trimingham


Change Your Face? by Robin Trimingham

From time to time we come across a product so good that we share it with the Olderhood audience. Today I am introducing you to the concept of “Face Yoga”.

Not being a fan of surgery, botox, filler, or tons of makeup, I have been searching for a non-chemical way to combat the signs of aging that we all encounter. Believe it or not, I have discovered that it is possible to exercise and tone the sixty small muscles in your face just the way you can exercise any other muscle in your body.

Will it take years off your appearance? I’m not really sure, but exercising will increase the blood and oxygen circulation to your face which in turn will at least give you a healthier, more radiant complexion if you stick with the exercises. That is enough to get me to give it a go!

If you would like to learn more about face yoga, check out the free e-books located here: . As with ALL exercises, keep in mind that it is possible to over-do it in the beginning, especially if you have never done anything like this before. People with neck or upper back problems in particular should probably check with their doctor before trying this. Oh, and you might want to make sure you lock the bathroom door while you are at it – some of the exercises will require you to make faces that would even scare the family dog (g).

Also – if you are reading this and have already tried Face Yoga, please write in and let us all know how you made out.

 By Robin Trimingham

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