In the Heat of the Night by Bill Storie


In the Heat of the Night by Bill Storie

It’s August. It’s Bermuda. It’s hot.

As you know I live in Bermuda and have done so for about 40 years so you’d think I’d be used to the summer heat. Nope. At the moment every day is a challenge to do simple things. Oh and as for doing the garden, yeah right. I barely can get out of the house and go to the supermarket.

The only gratifying thing is that the supermarket has really good air conditioning. Especially near the frozen foods section. In fact the other day the manager asked me if he could help. I said, “No, I’m fine thanks.” He said, “Oh I was just asking cos it’s unusual to watch one of our customers take 45 minutes to buy frozen peas.”

The AC in our car (2 years old I hasten to add) isn’t working too well. It needs anew filter they tell me so that’ll be nearer October I will drive it there to get it fixed. The point is that because I don’t drive too far in the car, by the time I get it started and the windows open to get some relief I’m at my destination. So what’s the point of using the AC. The answer is simple. I just don’t go anywhere.!!

A good friend of mine (yes I have one!!) who lives close by and is about my age, and was born here – he should be used to the heat by now you’d think, was moaning the other morning about the heat. He was walking his dog at seven in the morning, as was I with our 2 Yorkies. So we moaned to each other.

“Man, I must be getting older,” he said, “but this heat is getting to me this year.” “Me too” I responded. “Is it really an age thing?” I asked. “I have no idea but I’m fed up waking up in the middle of the night sweating and then can’t get back to sleep. Years ago I used to wake up in the middle of the night when I was younger for other reasons, but these days I just want to get back to sleep.” We both chuckled.

This raises the dilemma for the retiree.

If you have air conditioning in your house what do you do at 3 in the morning?

On the one hand you are so hot you need relief yet on the other hand the electricity bill rises quickly. So you have the choice to be frugal and hot … or cool and penniless. Yikes. I thought this retirement gig allowed us to live the lifestyle we always dreamed of. What happened?

I do think that age has something to do with it though. Maybe it is just an excuse but I don’t recall being over-heated when I was younger. Luckily it doesn’t last all year-round so comfort is on its way. But I must say that doing things in the house, far less venturing out into the beating sun, is even a chore. Simple things like surfing the Net seem to take on new meaning when the trickle of sweat interrupts the click sequence. Given that’s all I seem to do at the moment then you can clearly see why I am so stressed about having to handle this heat.

Ok, so is it an age thing?

Are you finding that you can cope with the heat now that you’re older – coping for the better or for the worse? Does it bother you at all?

Share your thoughts with everyone and if you can’t find the time to do so, try waking up at 3 tomorrow morning and do it. On the other hand if it would just be too much bother cos of the heat, we’ll all understand.

But never forget………

Grannies are COOL

(according to your grandchildren) – so don’t disappoint them.

See you next week.

By Bill Storie



3 responses to “In the Heat of the Night by Bill Storie

  1. When we were younger, we got frozen at work where they over-blast the AC…night time we just defrosted. I was in a meeting last week (consulting part time…it’s making me realize why I left the corporate world!), and I think my fingers and toes turned blue. My iPhone felt like an ice pad to my ear. Today, no work meeting and I’m not even thinking about venturing outside at noon. While its only 90 temperature (that’s 32 to you), the humidity is oppressive! Maybe it’s global warming, not aging? 🙂

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