How to Exercise the Brain? Bill Storie

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How to Exercise the Brain ? by Bill Storie

They tell us that as we age, we must keep mentally alert, above all else. I think that means that they’ve given up on our bodies so the gurus just want us to focus on the brain. Ok, so be it.

But how do we do that?

You’ll notice from the title that I stuck a question mark at the end. If you didn’t notice that then maybe you should read this article. I did it intentionally. Without the Q Mark it would have left the impression that I was giving some advice or guidance when in actual fact I’m asking the question, “How do I exercise the brain?”

The fact is I don’t know so I was hoping you’d help me out. Exercising the body is easy to understand and, over time, to see some results. We are sore in the beginning then we get more agile then we start to show muscles where we’ve never seen them before. Visible results in other words.

But what so of the brain.?

If I do crossword puzzles or jigsaws or Sudoku day after day after day, will I be able to see results? How will I know? Does my brain get bigger? Do I get faster and faster at the crossword puzzle? Will I be able to remember people’s names any faster (will I be able to remember them at all?). How do I measure all this fitness I now possess?

I think it’s a con to be honest. I think that super salesmen have conjured up this mentally alert stuff to sell jigsaw puzzles on the premise that our brains will be exercised. Yet they know full well that there’s no we can tell if it was a success, so the salesman is on pretty safe ground.

So is it possible that we do mental gymnastics relentlessly in retirement and yet we still can’t remember where we left our glasses?

So now we know that this train the brain stuff is for the birds, let’s move on before we forget what we’re reading.

I started a series of podcasts a few weeks ago about retirement issues. It’s called Going the through the Retirement Door Successfully” (That’s the link to our Olderhood Channel on You Tube). It’s a lot of fun but I often wonder if those who listen to them can understand my accent. I don’t get many feedback comments so that means people don’t like them and can’t be bothered to let me know or they can’t make me out so give up. In fairness though they do get a lot of listens so maybe they help some folks.

I like doing them though and hope that in some small way I trigger some thoughts in people’s minds around the world. We do pay close attention to our audience and the comments in our online Clubs, so we have a fairly good idea what topics people, especially in retirement, are interested in. I love the idea that I can sit in my bedroom, write a script then record it into a podcast, then upload the podcast and know that it will be heard in New Zealand and South Africa and Cebu City and Kuala Lumpur and Portland, Oregon and all points in between. It’s amazing how this technology stuff has opened up the world to us and we can share our thoughts with so many people in so many places.

So if you like the podcasts drop me a note to and let me know what topics you’d like me to cover. I’d be happy to get your input and I’ll maybe even mention your name in the podcast.

That’s about it for this week, so take care.

By Bill Storie




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