“Lil ole wine drinker me” by Bill Storie


“Lil ole wine drinker me” by Bill Storie

Earlier this week I recorded a podcast called Drinking in Retirement. I’ll give you think to listen to it at the end of this week’s article.

It was intended as a serious attempt to discuss why, as Oldsters, we use alcohol. It wasn’t a frivolous issue that we could have a chuckle at, it is an important issue for many. And certainly the feedback was appreciative that we took on the subject openly and sincerely. To those of you who had the courage to respond, in many cases privately, I applaud you. Sometimes society, especially in social media, tends to hide or mask important topics for us oldsters.

We don’t think that’s useful to anyone and particularly to those who DO want to talk about such matters either in private or openly. We know from the thousands of comments and feedback we’ve had in the three years of Olderhood, that many Oldsters are hurting in many respects. It could be financial, or loneliness, or health issues. It could be boredom or tired of life syndrome. There are so many concerns as we age. Some were predictable such as sore bones, some were unexpected, some were self-inflicted, some inflicted by others. It doesn’t matter too much how they arose, it’s what can we do to discuss and perhaps help to resolve or at least alleviate in some measure.

We are not medical advisors nor are we psychologists, but we do feel a responsibility to listen and to discuss the various issues that Our Olderhood Family is going through. If we are nothing more than a sounding board then so be it.

In particular we know that we have spawned hundreds of new friendships between Olderhood Members around the world and that pleases us immensely. We obviously didn’t create the expression “BFF”, but we have certainly seen it used countless times. Furthermore we know that through those new BFF relationships, the opportunity to discuss personal hardship or worries between Olderhood BFFs is going on every single hour of every single day in every single country we are in. That’s not a boast, simply a fact that we are very proud of and will continue to encourage.

So, back to the drinking topic.

We don’t make light of the dilemma some folks are in, especially because we know that the age factor has a tremendous impact on alcoholic consumption. The problem is that for many, the ease of having a drink to replace the buzz they had in their working years can be very strong. The pull can be hard to fight against. It’s not our job to tell you that you are wrong and being silly. You are a grown-up and you have considerable wisdom and knowledge. We merely acknowledge that it is something in your life, caused for whatever reason, and that no-one here will scold you. Nope.

You are not alone and even though you may drink alone in the quietness of your own home, be aware that millions of other people do the same. Does that therefore justify your drinking? Not at all. But just don’t go into deeper depression feeling that you are the only one doing it, and that there must be something wrong with you. If you feel you need medical or professional help then don’t hesitate to go get it. But don’t sit at home feeling complete isolation from the world.

Listen to the Podcast here and you’ll hear some other factors.

I hope you get something from it.


Who said we can’t tackle the big stuff?

Shall we try and end on a lighter note.?

We’ll be doing some local stand-up presentations in the next few weeks about retirement lifestyles and planning. We’re really looking forward to working with a live audience as opposed to the television audience we’ve done in the pat. By the way, the new TV Series will be starting shortly in Bermuda here, but we are very hopeful that we will be able to share it over our Olderhood Television channel on You Tube (the one where the podcast is on). We’re excited that we get to share some excellent interviews with top quality guests, on health, money, care-giving and so forth with our worldwide audience. Stay tuned as we say in show-business !!!!

Ok, that’s it this week. Thanks for your continued interest and support,

By Bill Storie


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