Your Options Have Changed by Bill Storie

mr-potatoheadYour options have changed by Bill Storie

Doesn’t it annoy you when you call some service company and get their voice mail system to be then dragged through their announcements, adverts and the most annoying of all :

“Listen carefully because our options have changed”

No they haven’t!!!!!

I called you five minutes ago and they can’t have changed since then. In fact I called you yesterday FIVE times to speak to someone with a pulse, instead of a robot, and your options haven’t changed since yesterday.

Why can’t they just say, “These are our options” instead of treating me like some half-wit. OK, so the robot probably knows that I’m retired and therefore in his (her, its ?) mind, probably rather slow on the uptake, so I have to be led by the hand. Nonsense.

So you have no alternative but to hit button after button until you get to someplace recognizable. I am totally convinced that 5 people are sitting around a big desk watching the lights on their phones blink on, then off, then go to the next phone to repeat the sequence, while they drink coffee and laugh their heads off at this clown being run ragged.

The other annoying thing with some company systems (and I mention no name in particular, but I do have one in mind) is when they say “If you know your party’s extension insert it now. If not use our directory and enter the person’s surname.”

So, you enter “J”O”H”N”S”M”I”T”H” and get Carol Jones. I kid you not.

What do I do now? Start all over again? Try to waken the Operator?

My usual response is to hang up and call someone who actually wants my business.

Maybe because I’m older I’m getting less patient, and that might be correct. So what? Us Boomers have so much spending power that we can make a difference. There are statistics everywhere that show how much wealth we have, generally speaking, and can easily be influenced by idiots who ignore us. Just because we are not in the workforce and thus not earning a salary doesn’t mean we don’t have the money to buy stuff.

I honestly believe that some sales/service people think we are not worth the bother, so they ignore us and serve the guy in the suit with a tie and a cell phone in his hand.

I was in a computer store a week or so back trying to buy some recording equipment. Not a huge sale I agree, but nonetheless I needed assistance. This young fellow saunters over to help. In the middle of the discussion his cell phone (for the store) rings, so he answers it (other staff were there, but he deemed himself to be THE man everyone needed to talk to). Then he wanders away chatting while I am left talking to myself. I’ll let you finish the story … !!!

In fairness, I wasn’t wearing a tie.

I had coffee this week with a dear friend who suggested I might want to check my spelling etc when I post my articles. (Last week I had two or three boo-boos). I won’t divulge if this was a male or female friend of course (but she was right !!!)

She reminded me that grammar and punctuation is everything. For example, which sentence is correct :

(A)  Let’s eat Grandma….. or

(B)   Let’s eat, Grandma

So maybe when my friend reads this one this week she’ll e-mail me and tell me what a clever lad I am that got it right this week (I better triple check before I send this out, just in case)

That’s it for this week.

Stay well, stay happy and stay focused.

By Bill Storie


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