When a pain is not just a pain by Bill Storie


When a Pain is not Just a Pain by Bill Storie

So there I was last week with a sore back……”Aw” I hear you say. I also hear some wisecrack at the back there say, “It’s an age thing Bill, get over it.”

Well it was sore, so there. After a very painful overnight last week I visited the doctor. She reckoned it was, or maybe had been a kidney stone. She ran some tests but nothing showed up. You’ve heard the expression, “ships that pass in the night”? ….. Well you get the idea. No more pain.

Here is a short video produced by The Mayo Clinic about Kidney Stones.


I think you’ll find it enlightening and if any of you suffer the experience this will help.

But it got me to thinking that this age thing can really be a nuisance, can’t it?

For no reason it seems, ailments can pop up anytime. If we eat and sleep properly, get a little bit of exercise and live a stress-free life then are we really giving ourselves the best shot at longevity and good health? The answer is probably, but I reckon we get sore stuff regardless of all those preventative measures. At best we can delay or in some way mitigate the occurrence and hopefully the severity, but if the pain cometh, the pain cometh. Maybe it really is just
“an age thing” after all.

Obviously many of us do have serious health issues and I, in no way, wish to diminish them, but I do wonder whether at times, we maybe think we have a problem greater than it really is, based on the belief that “because I’m getting older I just have to accept that soreness simply comes with the territory.” Do we actually exaggerate our ailments?

Should we just shrug our shoulders, go along with some of the pain, and simply get on with it?

Maybe we make the matter worse by stressing about something, which is sore, but not life-threatening. Maybe we need to accept that older age had its good days and not so good days. Anyone got any thoughts or comments on this?

Once I got over the sore back I was back to normal. My over 300 e-mails a day didn’t seem such a burden anymore.

And then, earlier this week we did a Presentation at our local Age Concern offices to an encouraging audience of members and friends. We did stand-up chat with slides. It went over very well so I thought I’d let you see the short review video…. Click here.


The keywords we used in the Presentation were Attitude, Perception, Passion, Perseverance and we discussed how, as we age, the incentive to live a full and happy retirement life is boosted by having meaningful things to do. Reasons to get out of bed in the morning, and being active maybe in the community through volunteer work or a small part-time job, but in any event the need to get up and get going is the key factor.

It was a fun evening and it was wonderful to stand in front of a live audience again. Television is a great way to get information out to a wide audience but nothing beats the smiles and raised eyebrows, the faces and the expressions, handling the questions and trying hard to explain our thoughts on a range of subjects is always a challenge but I think we did rather well.

This retirement stuff, whether you are in your 30s or your 60s is a real life-changer and it can sometimes be difficult to fully comprehend all the factors involved. The feelings and emotions, the hard issues such as money and health, the soft issues such as the impact on a person’s life when a serious event occurs are all matters of importance. Some may see health as top of the list, while others see that money, especially when it is short, is the difference between retirement happiness and retirement sadness.

And many people fail to grasp that decisions and choices made before date of retirement not only impact the retirement years as we casually refer to them, but actually control the entire rest of your life.

Choose good, live happy. Choose bad, live miserable.

Yet so many people wait until a year or two beforehand to start their planning. Incredible, but true. Don’t make that mistake.

That’s it for this week.

Stay safe, stay happy, stay sane !!!

By Bill Storie






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