Some Like it Hot by Bill Storie


Some Like it Hot by Bill Storie

And some don’t. Count me in the latter.

So you ask, “Eh, so why do you live in Bermuda?”

Bermuda is what I think they call sub-tropical, which means that some months are hot and some months not. I get it. But this summer it seems that the heat and of course the humidity are lingering on too long. So many people I speak to are in agreement this year. I’m not sure why this year has been any worse than any other year, but I do admit that maybe as I get older, my tolerance for discomfort is decreasing. On the other hand, I’m probably just a grumpy grandpa.

I do wonder though whether our body changes as we age in terms of heat. I know it changes in many other ways, mainly through wear and tear, but somehow we m

anage to accept sore limbs and annoying coughs as being one of the benefits of old age. I jest of course. None of us are looking forward to aches, pains and strains. The stress that will come with that will also be unwelcome.

Maybe we can just “Alt+Control+Delete” then hit refresh and we’ll be good as new again. Dream on.

Although I was in my local optician’s the other day (another feature of old age) and the lady in there said she has never had air conditioning at home. Never has and never will. She said, “If I had started using AC I would have needed it all the time. And at this age I have no intention of starting.”

It made me think that she probably had her internal thermostat in great condition. The problem is that as we get used to something we start to crave it.

When you’re cold at least you can put on extra clothing and keep the body heat within. Scarves, gloves, hats are all wonderful winter add-ons. However in the summer, once we’ve stripped off to our unmentionables (or is it untouchables !!), then we have very little room left to maneuver. The birthday suit only goes so far (no not like that silly !!!). Therefore the room with the the air conditioner is probably the only safe place available.

The same principle applies to eating. Have you ever gone to Sunday brunch, consumed vast quantities of stuff you never usually eat, then go home and flop on the sofa. Then guess what? Yup, that’s right. 7 o’clock in the evening comes along and you’re famished.

The problem is that you filled the tummy with so much food that it quickly worked out that it could take in lots of junk and that you were going to keep doing that, so it began to expect more and more food to be coming again. Hence you have started a bad cycle of eating. The body now craves more and more food and if you’re not careful, then you will easily slide down the road to the fat farm. Will-power is needed.

The other argument of course is that at this age then surely we have the right to do as we please. Maybe we do deserve those little luxuries in life that for one reason another, we missed out on in our earlier life. And if you can afford them without stressing your retirement fund, then who’s to say we shouldn’t be allowed to indulge. 

Not sure that over-eating however can be classified as a “why not?” extravagance certainly, but broadly speaking we must surely be allowed to eat that extra piece of chocolate.

In any event it’s still hot, still humid and I am sitting here wearing my…. well y’know !!!!!!

Stay cool folks as best you can. It can only get worse as we get older, or at least that’s what they tell me.  When I get there I’ll let you know.

See you next week

By Bill Storie

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