Dress Your Attitude Not Your Age by Robin Trimingham


Dress Your Attitude Not Your Age by Robin Trimingham

This past week everyone around me has been talking about fashion.

It started a few days ago, when I read a fellow blogger’s rant regarding whether it is appropriate for a woman over 50 to wear jeans. Apparently, she had read that some style “expert” has declared that women should dress their age and stop wearing jeans in their early fifties, which we both agree is complete nonsense.

This same would-be trendsetter probably also thinks that the devil invented two-piece swimwear, and that it actually is bad taste to wear white after Labor Day. I guess that means that my favorite combination of faded jeans, tank top and a white linen shirt has made me the sort of fashion reject that teenage girls whisper about at the mall; and we best not discuss my bikini at all.  

But, you know what? I am absolutely fine with that.

I have worked hard to figure out what sort of clothes are comfortable to wear and make me feel good when I put them on and I have reached an age where I don’t really care what a junior copy writer thinks is “in”.

I think the key to successful style as you age is simple – avoid tight waistbands, ridiculously high heels, things that require too much ironing, and things that make you feel claustrophobic or sad. I find tight clothes make me irritable and impatient – I can’t image what I must be like for other people to deal with in that sort of a mood and so I make an effort to wear clothes that fit.

To accomplish this without getting stressed while shopping I have a new policy – never look at the size. Look at the color and the texture of the fabric of a garment and if you like them, for heaven sakes try it on. In doing so I have bought everything from a size small to an extra large, and a size 4 to a size 12.

What I have learned is that either the clothing manufacturers really have no idea what size their clothes are and just stick any old label they feel like on their garments, or they are under the delusion that their clothes will sell better if they put small size labels on everything. Honestly is anyone over the age of 10 who eats three meals a day a size 2? And don’t even start me on shoes – how is it possible that my feet which have not grown since high school wear anything between size 7 ½ and size 9?

I do what I can to buy things that will last but I also think it is important to let go of things that are faded or have lost their shape because looking at myself wearing worn out stuff is just plain depressing. I realize not everyone has a budget for new clothes and I am a big fan of our local consignment store. This started when I suddenly needed a big wardrobe for doing television shoots and I had so much fun picking out outfits that I just kept going back. Something about the huge range of colors and low prices makes me braver about buying things that my mother would have dismissed as “impractical”.

That’s ok, my impractical closet has a whole range of dresses that make me smile when I see them and feel even better when I put them on; and when you feel good, you look good no matter how old you are or what you are wearing.

It is as simple as that.

By Robin Trimingham




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