Getting the Job Done by Bill Storie



Getting the Job Done By Bill Storie

When you were in the workforce how many times did you say to a colleague, “Look, let’s just get the job done.”?

Part of the requirements of being employed is to make things happen. That could be making the sale, or cutting costs, or delivering the product to the consumer, and so forth. The point is that if you wanted to keep your job you just had to get on with it. You had to deliver. You couldn’t lay back day in, day out and ignore the whole reason as to why you were there – and of course getting paid for what you were supposed to be doing. Finding excuses to not do something, was really not an option.

There were incentives of course, not the least of which was paying the mortgage and putting food on the table. You had to look after your family.

Now, in retirement, it’s time to look after yourself.

Probably the kids have left home by now and feed themselves. Probably paying school fees are a thing of the past. Maybe family vacations, while hopefully still in play, don’t require you to pay for everything. Maybe the kids realize that mum and dad could be doing with a helping hand (maybe not !!).

So, if there are no big-ticket items or obligations, is it time to think about yourself?

Of course it is. Maybe it’s time for you and your partner to get on with your own lives and enjoy these so-called golden years. Maybe it’s time to think about what makes you happy without having to work out what is needed to make others happy – family, friends, colleagues. Maybe their happiness is their job now.

If money is tight and you are concerned (hopefully only mildly) that you might outlive your money, then the time is here for you to plan your daily lifestyle to fit your budget. The balance between money and happiness is a tough job. Of course, if you have tons of money then you don’t have to worry about it, but maybe we’re not all in that enviable position.

Here’s the point.

If this is not the time to focus on yourself and seek your own happiness and contentment, then when is that time?

I’m not saying you should shut the world away and be a recluse. I’m not saying that you should ignore the needs of the family or friends. I’m not saying that you should disregard the feelings of your community and cut yourself off from charitable issues etc. You are still part of the world and you do have some responsibilities to help fellow man.

I’m just saying that it is time for you to put you on top.

In other words, “Get the job done.”


When you read this article, it will be the eve of December. Yup, that time of year again. Something happens in December that escapes me.. !!!

It would be really nice if we could get back to the whole point of Christmas – family, celebration of a birth, and fellowship, and not how many toys we have to buy to keep everyone happy. Maybe we could ignore the guilty feeling of not buying as may toys as expected, or didn’t spend enough money of presents, or that we didn’t listen to the hints and suggestions. Should we really be put through those annoying emotions about not doing enough to make others happy?

Maybe some folks will realize that now we’re in retirement, cash is not as abundant as when we were in the workplace. Hmm, maybe not. Just tell them that the Mum & Dad Bank is closed for the month of December !!!

Oh well.

That’ll do me for this week. Stay well, stay happy.

By Bill Storie




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