The Achievements You Are Most Proud Of by Bob Lowry

The Achievements You Are Most Proud Of by Bob Lowry

We have all experienced disappointments, loss, and troubles both big and small. If you live long enough there will be things you have done you’d probably like to undo. Life is a never-ending challenge that requires us to have hope in ourselves and the future.

All too often, though, we can forget our achievements, those things we have done over our lifetime that make us happy, maybe even a little proud. As we enter the last few weeks of 2016 (Yea!) I thought it might be encouraging to focus on some of the achievements that we are most proud of. I will list a few of mine to get you started. Notice that some of the things on my list seem rather small. But, that is the important thing about achievements: size doesn’t matter.

1. I quit smoking (That was a tough one)

2. Raised two well-adjusted, happy daughters who want me in their lives

3. Have been happily married to the same woman for over 40 years 

4. Am loved by my grand kids

5. Rebounded from being fired to forming a successful business

6. Retired early and have made it work

7. My parents were proud of me and loved being part of my family’s life

8. Learning to scuba dive

9. Haven’t become a grumpy old man (yet!)

OK, what is on your list? Take a little time to think about all you have accomplished in your life. What are some things that make you smile, make you feel good, make you proud? 

By Bob Lowry

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