So, what would you like for Christmas? by Bill Storie


So, what would you like for Christmas? by Bill Storie

I must admit from the start that while I like the Christmas Season, I’m not a big fan of giving – or receiving – presents. I just don’t get it to be honest. Yeah I know about the three wise men and all that, but in today’s world do we really have to be so materialistic?

I read in an online newspaper in the UK yesterday about some woman who spent thousands last year on her son but this year she will “just buy him 100 presents.” What !!!

I think what might be even worse is the culture that we’ve created where kids, and a lot of grown-ups expect to get presents. They go in the huff if they don’t get any, or don’t get what they really-really wanted.

Why can’t we buy gifts for friends and family during the year or when there is a need for a new microwave, or sweater? Bah humbug.

Wouldn’t it be much better if we all wanted peace and calm throughout the world?

Instead of wanting gifts for ourselves it would be so much nicer if we all wanted food and water and shelter for the millions of people, refugees and people held under some sort of captivity. Children are suffering in countries around the world. People are being displaced from their homes by force every day. Old people are being denied food and warmth. Homes are being destroyed, lives are being shattered and hope is being lost.

Yet we would rather put our money into jewelry, cosmetics, gadgets, and chocolates etc.

I also believe that as we get older we need new stuff less and less. We don’t really need lots of new clothes surely. The occasional new dress or casual shirt is fine, but one at a time. We don’t really need new things for the house, we have enough. A new lamp when the old one rusts out is fine, but one at a time. We perhaps don’t need a new car, although if transportation is critical to you and the old jalopy is on its last legs then go ahead – but only one !!

So, I wonder if the Olderhood Christmas Message really is,

“Better to GIVE than GET”

What do you think?

I am proud to mention that our Olderhood Family in the Philippines, led by our Country Manager, Rose Arguil just held their first Charity Outreach when a group of Members visited Home of Love – Missionaries of Charity, run by the sisters of Mother Theresa at Antipolo. This is what Olderhood is all about. Well done Rose and her Committee for setting it up. Great job.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy the run-up to the big day.

By Bill Storie

2 responses to “So, what would you like for Christmas? by Bill Storie

  1. I’m with Bill. It seems that buying the perfect gift adds considerable stress to the season when, like Bill notes, most of us have what we need and get what we want. In northern Alberta, the weather poses another challenge; driving through cold and snow to be together can be dangerous. Having said all that, I wish you PEACE – the spirit of Christmas; HOPE – the gladness of Christmas; LOVE – the heart of Christmas. Those would be the things I wish for, individually and globally.

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