Resolutions or Re-Solutions? by Bill Storie 


Resolutions or Re-Solutions? by Bill Storie 

We published a great article from our Olderhood columnist, Bob Lowry yesterday, called “A Satisfying Retirement Re-Vision”.

He says, “If I add a hyphen, the word becomes re-vision, or a new, revised, and different vision of something, in this case, a life.”

He is absolutely correct in saying that as we approach the retirement stage of our life – the Third Journey – as we like to call it, we realize that we probably have a lot of years ahead of us. Indeed, a lot of time on our hands and while golfing, or travelling or even sleeping may be a great idea for a while, it would hold our attention for too long. Bob argues that we need to take a fresh look and come up with a new vision, a RE-vision.

So, I thought that I would add to the discussion, especially as we have entered a New Year as many of you will still be using the New Year Resolution phase. Do you still do that?

If you do, great. If you don’t, then ponder this notion. Maybe we should be more realistic and more practical with this stuff. Maybe we should follow Bob’s lead and review the “solutions” to life’s problems that we have come up with for many years. Perhaps some worked, hopefully they all did, but I suspect that some of those problems we encountered (and we all do) were not actually cleared up with the solutions we had triggered.

So, I wonder if now is an opportunity to rethink some of those solutions and maybe work out why they didn’t work. Maybe we need to tweak them, maybe we need to discard them completely and start afresh, or maybe we just need to think about the problem, especially in light of our lifestyle today. Maye as we have aged we have gathered more knowledge, experience and wisdom so that we have more tools in our bag to apply to the problem.

Is there any chance that we had a family issue from years back which caused concern, but given our state of mind, or health, or importance, or financial capability at the time, we did come up with a solution but it didn’t work out so well?

So, how’s about reviewing all the factors within the problem, but this time, rely on our state of mind etc NOW. Maybe we see things differently. Maybe we are better equipped to offer better insight or better assistance. Maybe we just see things differently now. Maybe others similarly see things differently. Who knows, maybe the kids have grown up more !!

Using old methods to solve old problems may have been fine at the time, but we have moved on and we most definitely see life differently as we have aged. Perhaps we are more tolerant. Perhaps we are less sensitive about things that upset us when we were working and had offices to go to, children to look after, money issues, and so forth. Maybe some of those impacting factors have lessened.

So is it possible that a review of some of those niggling worries that you have had for years could do with a fresh coat of paint. Instead of holding on to them, maybe a new look at them would work this time around if a new solution can be developed.

So rather than talk about your New Year Resolutions, try working on your New Year Re-Solutions.

Thanks Bob.

Anyhoo, I hope you and your family had a nice time over the holiday period and you feel refreshed and ready for 2017.

So, Happy New Year.

By Bill Storie


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