Inspiration, Perspiration, Then Lots of Pride by Bill Storie


Inspiration, Perspiration, Then Lots of Pride by Bill Storie

A few days ago, we went over 10,000 Members of our Olderhood International Club. This achievement was three years in the making but worth every bead of sweat. I remember when we launched the OIC we wondered if anyone would join. As it happens within 3 minutes of hitting the button we had Steven Lau from Malaysia join, thinking it was a great idea. So not only did we have a member within minutes but we had one from the other side of the world to us. Astonishing.

Over the next few days we saw a few people joining and even though we still weren’t sure what we would be posting in OIC, we battled on. Within a month, we had passed 100. We thought we were doing well. We had searched around for similar online groups and hadn’t found anything to compare ourselves to or even to get ideas from. It seemed we were breaking new ground in the online Oldster communities around the world. Funnily enough however it was surprising how many copycats popped up in short order.

One of the things we were strict about was that all posts had to be tasteful. No profanity, no images of certain types of behavior, no overt religious postings. I remember we had great difficulty with a couple of clever-pants men. I won’t name them cos they still read us, but they know who they are. One wanted to push and push with provocative posts just to annoy us (and everyone else). They weren’t rude but he just wanted to see how far we would allow him to go. He didn’t get far (yet is still super keen to know what we’re up to ;-)))

The other fellow only posted the crudest of awful jokes. Some of them were utterly filthy. We invited him to cease on a few occasions so he posted more. Strange. I often wondered what his home life was like. Oh well.

Fortunately, the vast majority of members stayed inside the guidelines and the OIC started to thrive. We worked hard to maintain quality material and relevant posts. We still do.

But the most gratifying part of OIC has been the hundreds of messages we have received publicly and privately expressing thanks for the OIC. We have received countless messages from men and women living on their own, lonely and seeking fellowship. It is perfectly fair to say that many members have found friendship and comfort, oft-times in a spiritual fashion, through OIC.

So many people from many countries have said how much they love the idea of going online at whatever time of the day (middle of the night in some cases) and being able to log on to OIC and enjoy new posts or start conversations with people who either can’t sleep or are around the other side of the world. Members are thankful that the integrity of OIC mains as steadfast today as it has done since inception.

While OIC is not a religious club as such, we nonetheless allow lots of posts which convey deep-seated spiritual guidance and advice and we warmly welcome the many faiths we have inside OIC with open arms.

We will be introducing a new series of exciting content very soon. We know that this new material will be of immense value and interest to OIC, and we will encourage our Members to participate fully. Watch out for announcements shortly.

So, in the meantime thank you for your support and encouragement. Thank you for your prayers, best wishes and greetings. Thank you for sticking with us and making OIC the success that it has become. We enjoy bringing it to you and look forward to more wonderful material coming your way.

By Bill Storie



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