Grandparenting Pinoy Style! by Rose Arguil

Grandparenting Pinoy Style! by Rose Arguil

Editors Note: Olderhood is excited to welcome a new guest contributor all the way from The Philippines. Rose Arguil is a retired hospital worker and Country Manager of the OIC Philippines Club:

In years passed, being called a grandmother or grandfather – Lola & Lolo (in our vernacular-Tagalog) was shunned  by most people in The Philippines because this would affirm that we are old!

But times have changed! Presently, being a grandparent is celebrated, and a joy that married adult couples look forward to!

Being a grandparent generates enormous happiness and delightful feeling because every small gesture, smile, greeting, laughter, hug and kiss from the little ones is sufficient to make our day! This is even more true of their stories from school with their classmates, their display of talents- songs, dances, orations, academic achievements in school and their success in sports which make us the proud Mamita /Papito (a more glamorous term) or grandma/grandpa!

As for me, I missed those years when I lived with my grandchildren when I could be their playmate, cheerer, number 3 fan (they have both their mom & dad as their 1st & 2nd fan),and take them to their ballet classes, piano lessons, softball and baseball practices and games! Now, they have emigrated to London, Ontario.

One of my dearest friends, Becky O. Adobas commented that a day with her grandchildren is her happiest and perfect moment and they are her precious gifts from our Lord Jesus Christ.

There are times whenever I invite OIC Philippines members to our meet –ups and events and their reply is that there is conflict of schedule due to their new career of doing “apostolic work”!  (Apo-meaning grandchild, Apos – plural form – grandchildren & tolic- added term- making it sound holy).

Another privilege of being a grandparent is the opportunity to lavish the little ones with attention, affection, love and material things! Most of which we neglected giving our own children because we were occupied with our careers and had leave them in the care of our house helpers.

In a nutshell, Grandparenting here in the Philippines is more fun, as we have more time & financial resources to explore and enjoy the various activities with grandchildren that the different businesses, resorts and establishments have to offer this spring time and summer season!

By Rose Arguil

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