The Change of Life by Bill Storie

The Change of Life by Bill Storie

Yesterday our esteemed writer, Bob Lowry posted a very thoughtful article entitled “What One Thing Would You Change?

It did get me to think about what thing, or things in the plural, I might change in these the so-called golden years. The short and quickest answer is not much. But on a wee bit more reflection I did come up with some ideas, or perhaps dreams would be the better word.

First off, I have to say that I’ve never had any dreams about winning the lottery and receiving truckloads of money. I guess part of that, is due to the fact that I have never bought a ticket in my life. So, that could be a bit of a drawback. But let’s say I did win millions, what would I do?

Have you ever asked yourself that question?

I suppose I could buy a villa in Hawaii or a cottage in Scotland or a beach house in the Philippines. But then I’d feel obligated to go and visit it on a regular basis. Which begs the question, “Would I really do that?” If I did what would I do when I got there? How long would I go for? Would I miss my own bed? Would I miss my regular routine of walking my Yorkies?

Ok, so that’s off the list.

I could buy my favorite football team (ok, soccer if you must !!). But then I’d be obligated to go watch them every week and get involved in team decisions. Nice idea, but nah.

I imagine I could buy a private jet. But what would I do with it? Fly to Hawaii I guess. Once a year, maybe twice. The rest of the time it would sit at the airport getting rusty. Bad idea. Ok, so no plane.

I’m running out of ideas already about money. So, let’s move on to other stuff.

Do I regret not seeing some big historic event or a great concert or a great football game from years past? Not really. I don’t live in yesterday, so no hang-ups on that front. I admit there are things I did do which I would like to do again.

I would have studied other subjects at university I think. I reckon I would have made a good mathematician – clever, but completely wacky. Nuts in other words. I could have fitted in to a small study at Oxford or Cambridge or Harvard quite easily. Leave me alone to work out mathematical equations – they won’t help mankind but who cares. If you’ve never read up about Edison, do so – he led the kind of life I liked.

I suppose I could have had more children !!!

Maybe my wife might have some thoughts on that right enough. I should have asked before writing this epic. We have two daughters and that’s enough (They do read this, so I expect to get some feedback later today on that remark. Oops !!!). Mind you they have managed to provide four great grandkids (two boys, two girls) – and they are great fun, especially as they are getting older. They have minds of their own, who knew !!!!

I’ve told you before I always wanted to be either a football player or a politician. Some people say they are the same thing – they both like kicking things. So, that might be something I regret not having done. But too late to change that now, so that doesn’t really answer Bob’s question.

I really do believe that if by and large we are comfortable in our olderhood years with not too many worries either financially or health or family, then why would we want to change anything?

We’re more mature now. I think we’re probably wiser. And I certainly know that some of life’s dramas that we encountered in our earlier life would be seen more rationally and calmly these days. We don’t get too worked up about many of life’s issues these days. Maybe we’ve “seen it all.”

So, Bob, I hope I’ve provided some of my thoughts to your intriguing question. I appreciate the question and it has evoked many memories of times past – the good, the bad and the ugly I guess.. !!

By Bill Storie

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