Returning in Retirement by Bill Storie

Returning in Retirement by Bill Storie

No, not returning TO retirement but returning to old parts of your previous life now that you have the time and hopefully the inclination. Being a kid again. Doing things that you thought of doing years ago but didn’t have the time or the money. Now you have both.

One of the reasons that you might think about doing things now that you never did before is the old adage, “If not now, then when?” You have many years ahead of you, but they are not limitless, so why not get on with those funky things you thought about when you were in your twenties or thirties? Maybe there’s stuff that you only thought about a month before you retired. Makes no difference. Get on with it.

Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies

Being physically able to do some of those things is important of course, but the desire to do them is perhaps more important. There is no need to think you’re too old to be doing new things. Nonsense. Of course, if you always wanted to run the New York Marathon, you might find your knees won’t concur.

The days of the retirement phase of life watching the garden grow while you nap, after having read the newspapers cover to cover (something you never did) are long gone. Retired folks all over the world are excited about new ideas and new ventures.

It is without doubt that we all knew some of those annoying super-humans who at age 95 are indeed running marathons. Good luck to them certainly, but it does kind of make the rest of us feel lazy, useless and frumpy. Not so. They are unique and represent maybe .001% of the retired population. Admire them if you will, but don’t be jealous, and don’t for goodness sake, try to copy them. Leave them alone. They’re doing the things they want. You need to do the things you want.

But let’s be clear.

You don’t have to be thinking about just doing physical stuff. Running and walking etc are all fine of course, but don’t feel any obligation to be doing energetic pursuits just because that’s what you think you need to be doing. Keep fit certainly, but if you always wanted to see Mexico then pack your bags and fly to Mexico first class (if you have the money why not?) – go for it. If you always fancied writing a book, go for it. If you do feel old, that’s ok too, but try to find the “oomph” to get on with new activities.

If you’re sitting on the old rocking chair wondering what to do today, why not recollect some thoughts you had way back. It’s amazing how many of those thoughts will flood back when you make the effort to remember. Thoughts that you had forty years ago for example will surface. Try it.

Once you start a train of thought from years ago you’ll be surprised at how far you’ll recall all the points of interest you thought about then. “Wow, I forgot all about that.”

It gets better these days because you have Google and Wikipedia to use for research. Back then one of the reasons you perhaps didn’t do things was because you couldn’t get all the facts. Going to the local library was a chore so you simply put off thinking about doing it. It was difficult to find out all the details so you gave up.

These days you can sit on the sofa and see Mexico in video, read trip reports, check prices and find the best deals. What’s holding you back?

After all you have the time, and hopefully the money, and you have youth on your side !!

Just do it.

By Bill Storie





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