Fashion Forward by Robin Trimingham

Fashion Forward by Robin Trimingham

We may not have the power to create the world we want immediately, but we can all start working on the long term today” Mark Zuckerberg

This past week I read an article in The New Yorker magazine by Emma Rathbone in which she muses about life before internet. Emma’s description of the amount of time that you could devote to staring at a fridge magnet, or lazing about on a park bench when you didn’t have a barrage of text messages filling your day reminded me a lot of the long slow summer days of my youth. Do kids still run through the garden sprinkler when they are hot and have nothing to do? I wonder.

Ironically, The New Yorker was a staple of life for me in my twenties (alas before internet) and the only thing that I loved more than the cartoons, was the fact that it published weekly, giving me an endless supply of things to flip through on a rainy afternoon. If I was really stuck for an activity I would tear the best cartoons out of old issues of the magazine and stick them to the fridge with magnets – thus ensuring that I would pause there each time that I went in search of sustenance. I think Emma would approve.

Towards the end of the piece, however, she mentions how much easier it was to reinvent yourself when you moved to a new town or school before internet because no one had any way of finding out who you were. I don’t think I agree with this.

Those of you who saw my piece on fake news will be familiar with just how easy it is to spread false information about a person – why not then use this to your own advantage and load your Facebook page with images and information of the “person you want to be known as” before heading out to a party, or University or moving to a new town?

Is this scandalous?

Perhaps a tad, but isn’t it just an extension of the old idea that you should dress for the job you want as opposed to the one you have?

The funny thing about Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat is that at the present time they are largely just a record of a whole bunch of stuff that a whole bunch of people have already done, or read, or seen that they are putting out there to gain popularity or look cool.

Twitter is a bit better in that it occasionally lets people know where you are going to be and what you are going to do; but there really is no place to register what you are most interested in learning and the person that you strive to become.

How much more interesting it would be to post a “person I want to become profile” and team up with people who are trying to grow or evolve in the same direction that you yourself desire to head?

What would a profile like that look like?

Meet Robin – working to change how the world thinks about aging / studying furniture making / wants to learn to speak fluent dog so that she can have better conversations with her Yorkshire Terrier …

What would your “person becoming” page look like?

By Robin Trimingham



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