Taking it easy – Nonsense by Bill Storie

Taking it easy – Nonsense by Bill Storie

 Why do people insist on saying that?

It’s like they want YOU to take it easy while they run behind you and grasp the opportunity while you’re taking it easy. Oh sure, as we are getting older (another birthday this past week, yikes) the body slows down somewhat. But does the mind? I don’t think so.

I reckon my memory isn’t getting poorer, it’s getting more selective.

People tell me things all the time and nine times out of ten it doesn’t affect me, or interest me or gets my attention span much longer than two nanoseconds. Yet they insist on telling me. Why? Don’t they know that the minute I turn my back I have forgotten not only what they said but most likely I’ve also forgotten who said it. Oops.

 If the world collectively took it easy and laid back instead of nursing people or inventing new drugs or cleaning the roads or producing food for us, we’d all be still living in caves. Now I don’t know about you but apart from my “man cave”, this living in dark holes doesn’t interest me at all. I would never have made a good cave man.

What else would I have done if I had taken it easy all my life?

I would still be struggling at school perhaps. Or, trying to find my first job. Or still trying to learn how to drive a car. Not for me.

I work on the principle that if I work hard during the day, and then play a little in the evening, then I’ll be wiped out by bedtime so then, and only then, will I allow myself to take it easy. Mind you, these days, trying to get a full night’s sleep is a challenge. I’m told it’s an age thing and that we all suffer sleeplessness as we get older. Maybe true but annoying nonetheless.

But I digress. I am actually very comfortable getting up at four in the morning, going online and reading newspapers or Olderhood messages. Some people think I’m nuts and I probably am nuts but I don’t care. At this age (did I tell you I had a birthday earlier this week? Oh, I did. Must have slipped my mind !!

It makes no difference whether I am posting to Facebook at 5 am or 5 pm. The posts will be the same and the newsfeeds will get attention because we run the Olderhood platform 7/24 (That’s one new-age phrase I do like – it sums it up in one word, so to speak)

If I feel like a nap in the afternoon then so be it. I guess that would be classified as taking it easy by some. Not by me. If I’m tired, I sleep. If I’m hungry, I eat. If I’m feeling energetic, I …. well I won’t go into that one !!

So, you see this taking it easy notion is one that may appeal to some of you, maybe even lots of you, but I’ll give it a pass. No need to be acting like a 15 year-old certainly, but the thought of lying in a hammock all day, or lounging on the sofa watching TV, or lying getting fried on a beach, it doesn’t work for me.

I think as we age we should at least keep our minds in high gear. We need to be reading, or writing or surfing. If we can be physically active then even better. Don’t let the taking it easy brigade recruit you. Don’t.

Stay active, stay young, stay alive. Simple really.

By Bill Storie


p.s. did I tell you I had a birthday last week? I did ? Wow. 

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