“Did You Say Something Darling? by Bill Storie

“Did You Say Something Darling? by Bill Storie

I was coming through JFK Airport a few days ago coming home here to Bermuda. While in the airport I went for a meal in one of their sports bars – I don’t drink but I do eat. And there was football on all of the TVs. So, a nice meal.

While I was sitting there I noticed a middle-aged couple come into the bar. They were hand in hand, gazing into each other’s eyes and very lovey-dovey. They sat down beside me and looked at the menu, then ordered.

But then….

The woman whipped out her iPad, signed on and dived in. He didn’t have one. For the rest of the meal she glared at her iPad, never raising her eyes, not even when the food arrived. Husband stared at the wall. He couldn’t even see the football TVs (they were behind him).

Not a word. Not a glance. No recognition of hubby at all. Where did the darling stuff go?

Have we become a society of glare, stare and despair?

The other thing I noticed in the airport was that every shop, regardless of what they were selling, also sold headphones.

“Aspirin? Yes, I have them. Would you like our pink headphones to go with that?

Walking along the corridors between gates is a challenge these days. You need eyes around your head to watch idiots walking and surfing, without any awareness of who else might need to get to their gate – ideally without being tackled. Are these people so important that they need to be in touch with the world while they walk in a public place? I guess so. Selfish.

I imagine one day we will need “Internet Lanes” in such places. In airports, train stations, shopping malls, and maybe even the street. I suggest we have left-to-right lanes and right-to-left lanes, so that not only they don’t bump into us, but more importantly that they don’t bump into each other. The Android versus Apple Wars.

Are we so desperate for information that we deliberately choose to totally ignore people and things around us? Do we drive like that as well?

I don’t fly as much these days as I used to do. I would regularly do 30-40 trips out of Bermuda every year. Eventually I got fed up doing that, so stopped much of the international travel and started working for a local bank. What a pleasant change that turned out to be.

I would come home after a week of flying, request scrambled eggs for dinner, sit down, and look for my seat belt. Daft.

So, maybe I won’t fly again for a while. The line-ups to check in. The cost of one bag in the hold – it used to be several bags were free unless you went over a weight limit (that was fair). But now the first bag is charged. Hence the airlines encourage us to take cabin bags only – and have you ever seen how large those monsters can be? Everyone fighting for space and clattering into each other.

Then to crown it all off, the other day, the airline then had the cheek to ask passengers to give up their cabin luggage because they didn’t have enough room in the cabin for everyone, so they had to put many bags in the hold – for FREE !!!!


So, I do the right thing. I pay for the service, yet those who force-fit their bags in the cabin, annoy everyone, and get angry because their huge hold-all won’t fit, get a free ride!!

I want a refund.

Forget taking my shoes off. Forget taking my belt off. Forget pulling out my laptop, my charge cables, my shave gel, my face cream, my loose change, take my hat off, have my fingers printed, my face photo taken. Forget having my fingers banged from the plastic tray from the passenger behind me who seems desperate to get his tray beyond mine on the x-ray conveyor belt.

Then I check into my hotel and no-one cares what I have in my case !!!

By Bill Storie

2 responses to ““Did You Say Something Darling? by Bill Storie

  1. My friend got a refund from Delta for the very reason you stated. He paid for the bag he had, but then all those people who had carryons got free baggage. They refunded him is money after he sent them an email in complaint.

  2. You’ve said in words what I thought about society’s attachment to their phones, air plane travel and the man who checked into the hotel with the luggage to hide the arsenal that no one noticed.

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