No Money, No Worry by Bill Storie

No Money, No Worry by Bill Storie

Well that got your attention. Is it true though? Do we honestly get uptight about having little money in our Olderhood years?

Some people fret over money and complain all the time that they don’t have any. In certain cases that is true and even more so, it causes considerable distress. I acknowledge that. My point however is that once we are in our golden years we surely have got our money sorted out and we should know what our income is and what our expenses are day by day. So, if your income is greater than your expenses, plus you have a little bit stashed away in case it rains, then are you really very concerned?

There is probably very little you can do to change the situation so is there any point in going to bed and lying awake half the night worried about paying the bills?

There are probably many other aspects of your life which demand attention as you grow older. Maybe your health isn’t too sharp these days. Maybe your family is acting up again. Maybe your friends are driving you nuts. Maybe you’d like to make travel plans but between one thing and another you just can’t get around to doing it.

Whatever it is, there are most likely many other things going on in your life than money concerns. If you don’t have enough money you cut your cloth accordingly and do the best you can with what you do have. Wishing for a miracle to appear overnight with sack-fulls of money ain’t gonna happen. Wake up.

Clearly the problem is that you must avoid having to borrow money from the bank or the family just to make ends meet. A big-ticket item may be fine, but if you have to borrow to buy the groceries or the prescriptions then you have some serious thinking to do. If that is indeed your predicament then concede that money will be a concern until you fix it.

However, I happen to believe that most of us, while we may not be rich, have done our homework well in advance of the retirement journey, and we have worked out the ins and outs properly. If there is a shortfall in one month then you will be able to ride through it, but if you have a shortfall every month then your planning wasn’t good enough.

So, if you ARE in the shortfall time of life, I feel for you. But if you are still a few years away from retirement, then make double-certain that your projections do NOT indicate a shortfall month over month. If it does look like that, then get something done about it NOW.

The psychological trauma of having little, or no money, cannot be over-stated. I accept that and in Olderhood we know of many cases where that is exactly the situation.

However, the majority of our Oldsters, while perhaps not too comfortable, are fine with their lifestyle given their money condition. Maybe they have re-designed their “bucket list” many times. Fair enough. The great thing about the bucket list and getting older is that as we age, the exotic items on the list become less attractive. Bungee jumping at age 69 is not too clever.

So, here’s the takeaway this week.

Enjoy your Third Journey with whatever money and good health and happiness you already possess. Don’t get too worked up with what might have been. You are alive today and you have the ability, and the right, to enjoy your life the way you want to enjoy it.

As we say on our Olderhood Radio Show :

“Be nice, Be happy, but above all else, Be yourself”

By Bill Storie


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