A Refreshing Way to Effect Changes in Your Life by Robin Trimingham

A Refreshing Way to Effect Changes in Your Life by Robin Trimingham

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Hamlet

This past week I watched a fascinating little video on YouTube on the concept of “jumping dimensions using the two-glass method”. The idea revolves around the idea that there are two parallel dimensions – one where you exist with a problem or undesirable circumstance, and one where you exist without it.

Yes, I was skeptical too, but I did a little research and it turns out “dimensional jumping” is a real “thing” and some people have reported astonishing results. To make a “jump” you do the following:

  • Choose a specific situation that you want to change but one that you don’t necessarily have much influence over
  • Define the current situation clearly using one word that summarizes the current situation
  • Define the desired outcome clearly using one word
  • Get two empty glasses and two bits of paper to use as labels
  • Fill one of the glasses with water
  • On the first label write one word that summarizes the current situation and stick it on the glass full of water
  • On the second label write a word that summarizes the desired outcome and stick it on the empty glass
  • Pause for a moment to think about how your life is full of the first situation, and devoid of the second situation
  • When you are ready, slowly pour the water from the first glass into the second glass (the desired outcome glass) paying close attention to the sound and sensation of the shifting water
  • Sit back and perceive the glasses in their new state (allowing yourself to experience a sensation of relief if possible)
  • Then slowly drink the water experiencing the satisfaction of knowing you have just made a change
  • Then throw away the labels, put the glasses away and carry on with your life

General advice on this subject suggests that as so many people have had results, that it is important to only try this if you are willing to take the exercise seriously, and; to only choose a result “that you can live with”.

As someone who is a student of the universe I am open to the possibility that an activity of this nature could bring about changes in circumstances. I believe that we are “the mother of our actions” and that actions spring from intention. If you view this exercise as establishing “intention” it is reasonable to believe our subconscious might well lead us to take actions toward the desired outcome.

What do you think? Better yet, if you try this and something happens do let us know!

By Robin Trimingham

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