Do You Still Want to Work? by Bill Storie

Do You Still Want to Work? by Bill Storie

I’m asked that question often now in my so-called retirement years.

The fact is that this Olderhood gig is a full-time job and commands attention around the clock and around the world. But I don’t classify this as a job. It is a vocation (I think that’s the word – I always got that mixed up with vacation).

So, leaving that to the side for a minute, would I like to be working again?

Not really. Although I have been doing a wee bit of new workshops with my former bank – the one I joined after I had stopped my consulting company. It’s a great place and really enjoy the people. I was in there today and bumped into six former colleagues. It gave me a warm feeling to be back behind the scenes, as opposed to be just in the banking hall.

So, I guess the camaraderie stuff is nice. But the desire to be part of the commuter grind and office politics and frustration stuff doesn’t appeal to me anymore. I’m fortunate that I don’t need the money, so that helps. I just can’t see how I could enjoy the working lifestyle again.

  • I can get up when I want to get up (although my 2 Yorkies ensure that 6.45 am is THEIR time, so up I get)
  • I can stay awake at night for as long as I like (although my eyes insist on closing down for the day around 10 pm)
  • I can watch YouTube videos at 11 am if I want (although movie-watching is actually not my thing.
  • I can do garden work at any time of the day (although in the warmer weather that proves to be more a wish than a task)
  • I can eat lunch at 10 am or 3 pm if I want (although old habits die hard, I still eat lunch at 12.30)
  • I can reply to emails whenever I choose rather than find the time between meetings (although I only respond to ones I like – which is another benefit of not having bosses, colleagues or idiots to contend with)
  • I can wear whatever I want if I am at home during the day (although I begrudgingly get dressed up for Olderhood meetings)
  • I can travel to town when I want and avoid the rush hour traffic (although on my little scooter/bike it’s a bumpy ride at any time of the day)

I could go on but that’s enough to convey the idea that this retirement gig is pretty good. I always wondered what I would do in retirement – which stimulated the idea for Olderhood. I must admit I never thought for a minute that I’d be blogging, Facebooking, book-writing, radio showing, video producing, public speaking, presenting workshops, etc. Although I have to say that the work we do in Olderhood seems to help lots of people in lots of places around the world and for that I am deeply humbled.

I am regularly asked if Olderhood is fun.

I always reply that it is satisfying.

So, I guess the answer to the original question,

“Do you still want to work?” is,

“Yup, that’s what I seem to be doing after all”.

By Bill Sorie

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