A New Perspective on Aging by Robin Trimingham

A New Perspective on Aging by Robin Trimingham

Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over expecting different results. The same might be said of people who still hold “over the hill” parties at the age of forty and declare that they are “being put out to pasture” at the age of sixty. That might have been fine when the average life expectancy was 78, but science and medicine have changed all that. One in five people reading this blog will quite possibly live to the age of 100.

Believing in premature aging is soooo last century, as is revering someone simply because they are young.

If you allow yourself to believe that high school was the best time of your life and that no one will love you once you have wrinkles, how can you ever look forward to living a long and happy life? The truth is – you can’t, so why waste the first two thirds of your life dreading the onset of the last third of your life as if it were some sort of punishment? And, why would you waste time feeling sorry for yourself simply because you were older when there is so much that you might be doing with your life?

Instead, regardless of what your current age is, why not defy convention and social pressure and think of reasons to look forward to being even older?

After all being older does have its perks:

  • You will never have to fight for a seat on the bus
  • Stores will invent special discounts and shopping days just to encourage you to spend money
  • Insurance companies will offer you “safe driving” discounts
  • Your doctor’s office will see you the same day that you call for an appointment
  • You will get a free ride to your connecting flight in airports
  • You will always be awake to see the sun rise
  • You can show up for the early bird special without appearing “cheap”
  • You will most likely be able to get your medications for free
  • Your favorite chair will be very well worn in
  • The tree you planted when you got married will be large enough to shade your house
  • You will know how to do things that younger generations do not
  • You will be sassy enough to tell someone exactly what you think of them (and get away with it)
  • Your dog will know what you are thinking
  • You will be able to pretend you are too tired to do anything that you are not in the mood for
  • You will be able to eat breakfast in bed any old time you like
  • People will invent reasons to check on you
  • If you live to be 100 the Queen might send you a greeting card
  • You can become a technology guru (because you have plenty of time to learn) or get the grand kids to send all your email, order the groceries and program your smartphone (because you can)
  • You can convince people to accompany you on trips to places on your bucket list or you can pay to take the whole family for a meal together

The above list is just a sample of ideas to get you started. There are many more perks of being older, what are some of yours?

By Robin Trimingham


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