Anyone been to Australia? by Bill Storie

Anyone been to Australia? by Bill Storie

Ok, those of you who are reading this and live in Australia are excluded !!

I have never been to Australia and to be honest I’ve never had any inclination to do so. It just seems very far away for me. I know the folks over there are nice and friendly but I’m sorry I just think o f it as a very big sandcastle !! Oops, sorry.

Seriously, I admire the country and the culture and the determination of the people. I’ve watched their swimmers at Olympics, their rugby team the Wallabies and of course their national cricket team. They are a proud and passionate nation. Good on ya !!

Nonetheless it’s still too far away, so the idea of visiting has never entered my mind. I know many people who have travelled there and enjoyed it, but not for me.

That is until a few days ago.

I came a cross this compilation video of a virtual tour of many places in Oz.

This is an incredible video. The 4-5 minutes video clips of all the places on the map are wonderfully produced and showcase the country exceptionally well. I love how they zoom in to the cities from satellite level and show the landscape and location.

I was particularly impressed by Brisbane. It looks a great place to live and do business. The weather seems nice all year round and the community atmosphere captured by the video producers is brilliant. And those beaches, wow.

Sydney looks great also as does Adelaide, Melbourne and way up north (or “the top end” as it is called by the Aussies) Darwin is interesting.

OK, I’m getting carried away now, so I’ll stop. But do have a look at the video.

Then ironically, I was wandering around YouTube and came across some videos of The Seekers. Hands up if you remember them. I loved them years ago (OK, decades ago), (Ok last century!). The female singer Judith Durham has the most amazingly powerful voice. Remember “Georgy Girl” or “I’ll never find another you”? They formed in Melbourne in 1962.

A song I had never heard from them before “I am Australian” is fabulous. Here’s the YouTube link

One of the female singers with the Johann Strauss Orchestra (Andre Rieu) – is Australian and she sang this song on one their tours in Sydney I think. Another great listen. She brought the house down on home territory. Professional. Passionate. Perfect.

We have several hundred members of Olderhood International Club who live all over Australia, so I shout out to you all and say that you do actually have a lovely country. Funny how some video footage can change the mind.

And given that we typically post our blog articles in the evening Bermuda time, which is morning in Australia, let me simply say to our friends from Down Under….

“G’day, you Blokes and Sheilas.”

By Bill Storie


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