The Calm before the Stormy by Bill Storie

The Calm before the Stormy by Bill Storie

I bet you thought I was about to talk about something or someone in the news!

Well, you’d be right.

There is an enormous hurricane (Hurricane Florence) heading straight towards the Carolinas in the U.S. right now. There is also Super Typhoon Mangkhut heading towards the Philippines.

So, I simply wanted to talk about the calm we all experience in life before “stormy weather” kicks in.

Here in Bermuda we have experienced many hurricanes, some really bad some not-so-bad. So, we are familiar with the preparations we make for the oncoming storm. Windows, outside furniture, loose things lying around the property, making sure we have enough water because the power will likely go down at some point. It can be a big job – but obviously a necessary one.

It seems the case that for days before the storm hits we think about little else in our lives. We want to stay safe, our family, our house. Our minds are diverted from sore backs, creaky knees, sore heads, achy teeth – you get the picture. We may even forget about our concerns about money for a little while. We just focus on the storm.

So, it made me wonder how we could adopt that strategy in our everyday life especially when there is NO storm approaching.

What if we focused on our own feelings and emotions instead of which side of the house the storm will hit? What if we could ride out the storm in our life by thinking of the good things we have going for us and not drill down into the mundane issues?

I appreciate that some folks do indeed have serious problems to contend with – I get it, and I’m not belittling them. But is there any possibility that you spend needless extra hours of thinking and worrying on a bunch of things that frankly you can’t control, far less change?

A lot of people seem to seek out things to worry about. They have this notion that if they’re not worrying about something then they’re wasting their time on earth. They simply must have something to worry about.


I will certainly agree that we should always be on the alert, at all times – personal health issues, family issues, car problems, plumbing leaks etc. And if things happen that we can fix or at least be aware they do need fixing then by all means have a worry moment. But if you’re having a dry spell so to speak, relax, enjoy the free time and think positive.

The storm is coming whether you like it or not.

But back to the 2 HurriPhoons – I hope that if you are in their path that you and your family stay safe and have indeed prepared well. The emotional ride of an impending big storm is not nice. It’s even worse when the storm is right above our house. And the clean-up. Yikes. All of this goes on for days if not weeks. Not nice.

But remember this Stormy too will pass.

By Bill Storie


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