Olderhood and Ocean Rock Wellness Discuss Inflammation

The following article was written by our strategic partners at Ocean Rock Wellness and is republished with permission:

The Olderhood Group provides Education, Advocacy and Research to help people from all walks of life transition from their careers to a new life beyond work. They have partnered with many experts in the community, including Ocean Rock Wellness, to give the best information to the ageing population. Listen to the first of our many visits with the Olderhood Group on their Radio show the Ozone. Dr. Peets Talbot and Beth Hollis introduce Bill and Robin to Ocean Rock Wellness and our team approach to holistic wellness. They discuss the topics of ageing, inflammation, exercise and more.

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There are two ways to go:

  1. A slow painful decline to death
  2. Live life to the fullest until the last day!

Dr Peets Talbot helps us understand that deciding which way you want to go should not be a hard choice!


Hear how roadway maintenance help us to understand the two different kinds of inflammation. For example, acute inflammation is a normal and necessary response to an injury or infection. We need our body to bring more cells to the site to promote healing. But, what happens when we have excessive inflammation? Both Beth Hollis and Dr. Peets Talbot give examples of what chronic and acute inflammation can look like.

Signs & Symptoms of
Acute Inflammation
Signs & Symptoms of
Chronic Inflammation
 Pain Belly fat that doesn’t budge
Swelling Fatigue/ poor mood
Redness Brain fog
Heat Rash

As people age, the prevalence of conditions associated with inflammation also increase. You likely have increased inflammation in your body if you have diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, kidney disease or arthritis.

How do we fix inflammation? Typical conventional strategies include medications, but at Ocean Rock Wellness we look for the root cause! The team explains what these root causes can look like for you and how our Ocean Rock Wellness team approaches this.

There is evidence to support that anti-oxidant supplementation is associated with lower inflammatory markers. Learn what brain boosting supplements we recommend, there is more information about this in our book, keep reading to find the link to your free copy!


Beth explains that Inflammation can both be prevented and created by exercise. She explains ways to use exercise to your advantage and the gentle ways to exercise if its new for you.


You will hear on this show:

  • How much water is enough?
  • What to do when you don’t really enjoy water?
  • The Golden Rule of vegetables and Fruits
  • How much is a serving of vegetables?
  • Tricks to sneaking vegetable servings into breakfast
  • The questions posed by the callers when the show was live

Robin gave her awesome review of our book “Healing Bermuda: The Real Solution to Your Health Crisis”. To get your Free E-Book version of the book  CLICK HERE

Click here to Play Podcast: https://oceanrockwellness.com/?powerpress_pinw=2946-podcast 



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