This Day Is a Very Special Day For Me by Tony Bovi

This Day Is a Very Special Day For Me by Tony Bovi

It is a new day that God gave me to do something great. If I make it to the end and close my eyes, I thank God for helping me through it. I do that every day, but today, the 13th, is a special day. To others, it may be just another day, BUT I hold this day close to my heart.

Here is the reason why.

Sixty-seven months ago on this day was my first day without alcohol. I tightened the cap on my bottle of scotch the night before and vowed to myself that I would never touch another drop for the rest of my life. That first day of being alcohol free was a challenge like no other, but like anything, overcoming an insurmountable task is worth the fight, and a fight it was.

It was only a simple 24 hours, but I remember every minute of that day as if it was yesterday.

I once heard the statement that every day it gets easier. Let me just explain something that very few people can understand.

Without the faith in God, faith in those who care, and, most of all, faith in myself, I would not be writing this today. Alcohol was a part of my life just as much as my loving and patient wife, my fantastic children, my beautiful grandchildren, supportive friends, even those who did not realize it, but were there for me.

Today, I know and chat with those who are going through the same experience, but the major difference is THEY ARE FIGHTING FOR THEIR LIVES ALSO.

My heart, thoughts, and prayers are with those every second of ever day because it seriously is ONE DAY AT A TIME. I can attest to having 2039 days at a time, and I am DAMN proud of it.

My friends, the struggle never ends, but it does surprise the living hell out of you when you look back and say, “I have come a long day since then, and I am better for it.”

Thank you for everyone who supported me, put up with me, and showed me love along the way.

Thanks to my loving and caring wife who encouraged me from beginning to now and will be with me the rest of the journey.

Many of you do not even know you helped me, but I do, and that is what counts. Thank you.

For you who are fighting this with me, whether this is your first day of sobriety or your 10,000th day, thank you for your thoughts and prayers. You are in mine too.

In celebration of this day, I raise my cup of coffee to all in honour of this day. Enjoy life, live it fully, and be sober doing it in order to remember how GREAT it really is.

May God bless all of you!

By Tony Bovi


Tony Bovi is a writer, blogger and the author of Life, Ain’t It Great, and How to Enjoy It. He is a life long career man of the corporate world as well as a caring husband and loving father. This article is republished in full with permission.

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