Bucket List


See all my old friends in Bermuda again           –           Tim C.

Watch barcelona play real madrid inthe neucamp             –        Sheena

Go see an Andre Rieu concert in Maastricht                    –           Carol T.

Stand on the Champs Elysees at midnight                       –           Joe R.

Travel first class in Eurostar from London to Paris          –           William G.

Watch a football game from a private box at Wembley   –           Linda T.

Go riding in Big Sky country                                           –           Henry V.

Have my photo taken on the Great Wall of China           –           Bill K.

Dance a Viennese waltz in the SchoenbrunnPalace        –           Annie S

Fall asleep in a gondola in Venice                                    –           John E.

Stay awake all night for no reason                                    –           Joseph M.

Swim in Hamilton Harbour, Bermuda                              –           Greg R.


11 responses to “Bucket List

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  2. Dance until dawn in a slinky little black dress and black ballet shoes with my high school sweetheart!

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  4. To get rid of the awful phrase …,bucket list !’. Why be reminded at every turn !!!????? Things I really want to do !! Enough!!

  5. Run the Boston Marathon. I qualified at 65 years old last year and will be at the start line in two weeks. Just need to finish it and check it off the list.

    • Update: Checked it off the list ! Ran the Boston Marathon and finished it at 4:32:17. Rain, cold and 25 mph headwinds all the way into Boston and I loved every minute of it.

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