Disclaimer Statement

Olderhood.com Disclaimer

Olderhood started in 2013 as a retirement writing hobby. At that time, we had no idea that our blog would be read by anyone outside our immediate circle of friends and family in Bermuda.

It was a complete shock to discover that we were developing an international following but we are delighted to be able to assist individuals all over the world in preparing for, transitioning into, and leading active thriving retirement lives.

But, with a following of this size comes social responsibility, and we take this role seriously.

While we always endeavor to provide the best quality and most objective information available on all subject matters, it goes without saying that the opinions expressed by our team of bloggers are our personal views and nothing on our website should be considered medical or investment advice.  

When it comes to matters of health, it is critical that you contact your doctor before making any changes to your diet, exercise routine, or medical plan.

Similarly, please consult a certified (or licensed) financial advisor for investment and financial advice.

One more thing – while we are as philanthropic as possible, we do need to eat and pay the bills. As such, we also own a limited liability Bermuda company called The Olderhood Group Ltd. The Olderhood Group does charge for its services, and occasionally does offer products for sale such as books, and does partner with other businesses in a profit-sharing business model.

Some of these products will advertised on www.olderhood.com but we will always make it clear when we receiving some sort of payment or endorsement fee.

Please feel free to email info@olderhood.com if you ever have a question regarding our Disclaimer Policy.