Bill Storie is the Founder of

Bill Storie is a retired Charted Accountant (Scotland) and business executive. He operated his own international management consulting company for many years advising global companies in the insurance, reinsurance, investment, banking and technology industries.

Bill is renowned for his innovative approach to management techniques, business analytics, project management and financial analysis. During the course of his career Bill spoke at various conferences, trade shows and social events on the topics of “helicopter management” and “pscyho-motivation”.

He has published many articles in trade magazines and websites around the world, and has published his own international online newsletter, called BerBiz, from Bermuda since 1995. He is the author of a self-help book on psychological issues and motivational techniques to encourage sustainable fitness routines, nutrition and good health.

As the Founder of The Olderhood Group, Bill enjoys human development research and writing daily for the Olderhood Group online platforms. He has also produced and hosted three television series on business and retirement issues in Bermuda.

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Robin Trimingham is Co-Founder of

Robin Trimingham is the Creative Director of the Olderhood Group and the Editor of In addition to weekly blog writing, she is responsible for site design, product development, research, and marketing. She also writes podcast and video cast material for the Olderhood Facebook Platforms.

She is the author of two non-fiction books Under the Calabash Tree – 150 Years of The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club and The History of the Mechanics Beneficial Association and a novel entitled A Comfortable Chair.

At the age of 52, Robin is a down-to-earth public speaker who has participated in conferences, podcasts, videocasts and live television programming. She is also the Co-Producer and Host of “Resetting the Wheel – Making the Most of Your Retirement”, a television show that has aired for two seasons in Bermuda. (The promo for this show follows below). She is currently filming a new retirement show entitled “The Third Journey”.

Robin has a degree in History from Trinity College, University of Toronto. She has had a career in sales and marketing and is currently the Director of Business Travel for a four star resort hotel.

Contact Robin at

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