How much money do you need to live comfortably in retirement?

 Probably the greatest worry of getting old is having enough money to get to the end. Olderhood fully understands the psychological impact of money, or the lack thereof, and how it can dramatically affect your quality of life.

 Most of us believe – perhaps, hope, is a better word – that we will never get sick. And since we are committing to live active lives and take care of ourselves – the real question becomes:

 If I plan to live a really long time, in relatively good health, How can I keep my money working for me in retirement so that I don’t run out?

Olderhood will provide examples of what other people are doing to protect their financial position. We will also provide quality articles of interest and while we will not provide any form of financial advice, we will deliver articles which may prompt you to consider your own circumstances.

We call it the Denominator Effect. Regardless of how much money you have in your retirement pool, the sufficiency thereof is based entirely on how long you will live i.e. the “denominator”. People who save and save, and scrimp and scrimp for a rainy day, may never see the rain. So the trick is to enjoy life as much as you can within your own levels of happiness, enjoyment and cost, so that when the rain starts, you will have enough left to buy an umbrella.

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