Spiritual Nourishment

Olderhood is a soul enhancing place 

As we developed Olderhood, we have come to appreciate that a large number of Oldsters have strong beliefs of one sort or another. We respect all religions and acknowledge that there are both fervent believers and disbelievers, and that these views are personal and should be treated as such.

 As a result, we will be focusing not so much “spiritual” but on the concept of “spirit.”

 At Olderhood we believe that there is spirit in each of us, and whether we believe in a higher being or not, we are aware that your beliefs and guidelines in life are the most valuable part of your life. So, Olderhood will share articles of self-motivation, self-belief and refer to the power of positive thinking to hopefully assist you in your daily routines and goals … mixed in with the odd bit of music when one of our contributors is in the mood.

 Our belief is that soul is a deep and personal understanding and appreciation of the parts of your life which you cherish most. Soul is a very “you” phenomena, and should not be treated lightly. It is the very inner core of life and, as we get older, it becomes more and more meaningful as we realize that we will not live forever, that we are getting older, and that as such, we really should appreciate those parts of our life much, much more.

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