NewAir Productions


NewAir Productions is owned by The Olderhood Group.

NewAir specializes in the creation and development of original content for the online environment. Our global projects include websites, social clubs, newsletters, blogs, e-zine articles and video and television productions. To view the promo for our most recent production entitled “Resetting the Wheel” , click on the following image:

We develop new ways to reach and engage target audiences around the world using social media to create product awareness, social interaction, and marketing opportunities for our clients.

Our Services Include :-

  1. Business case development
  2. Determine target demographics
  3. Determine realistic traffic targets
  4. Video production
  5. Test with focus groups
  6. Integrate social media marketing
  7. Analyze traffic and demographic statistics
  8. Continually review and refresh site content
  9. Suggest new business concepts to the client
  10. Manage all platforms.

Our Current Projects Include :-

  2. Olderhood International Club (OIC)
    • OIC Worldwide
    • OIC Philippines
    • OIC India
    • OIC America
  3. Olderhood Life e-Newsletter
  4. Olderhood Facebook Pages
  5. 8 Olderhood Pinterest Pages
  6. Resetting The Wheel – Bermuda Television Programme
  7. Oldervision YouTube Channel
  8. The Third Journey- Television Series (In Development)
  9. The Third Journey – Book (Coming Soon)
  10. Radio Olderhood Podcasts

Contact us at:

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