Start a Local Chapter of the Olderhood International Club


Start a Local Chapter of the Olderhood International Club

The Olderhood International Club (OIC) thrives on friendship and freedom of expression. You are encouraged to start your own local club as a means to encourage Oldsters to gather together in whatever manner suits you best. You don’t have to have a specified number of members, and you don’t have to meet in a particular place or conduct formal meetings. You are free to be any sort of group that meets anywhere positive peaceful gatherings are permitted in your country.

While it is the intention of the OIC that members be at least fifty years of age, common sense should prevail and volunteers who transport members to outings should be welcome to participate.

Please note that the OIC is not a dating club and does not prescribe to any political or religious affiliations or doctrines what so ever. Please respect this one guideline at all times.


What to do to get started:

  • Register Your Chapter by sending an email to and providing your chapter name, location, email address and skype address (if you have one). Chapter Founders will be invited to participate in monthly webcasts, and will be responsible for collecting annual chapter membership dues (suggested annual donation is $10 per person).
  • Start a Facebook page for your Chapter so that your members will be able to chat online in a safe environment and find out about upcoming events
  • Hold a chapter meeting and post fun photos of your activities online.
  • Recruit additional members by posting invitations to join on the main olderhood Facebook page.