The Third Journey


Welcome to Olderhood – Your Third Journey

In America alone, 10,000 Baby Boomers retire every day. Retirees will soon become the largest demographic sector of the population and is presently the fastest-growing segment. Yet their needs and challenges are also the most misunderstood. While health, financial and pension planning advice are readily available, practical common sense lifestyle guidance to support and develop this new active aging process has been largely unavailable.

Until now.

The Third Journey is based on the premise that there are no longer just two phases of life (childhood and adulthood) – there is a third vital phase which we call “olderhood”. Today’s retirees are not old, they are simply “older”. Now that they are free from the burden of work, they have the opportunity to experience a fulfilling life – but only if they make a realistic plan regarding how they are going to spend their time.

Drawing on three years of data and feedback provided by the 65,000 worldwide fans who follow and interact with on our various online platforms, The Third Journey focuses on a variety of physical, emotional, financial and psychological issues the typical retiree is likely to face, and challenges the reader to consider their own motivations in the decisions that they make, while making practical suggestions as to how to employ creativity and ingenuity to overcome obstacles and personal fears. The tone is light hearted, but the no-holds barred discussions address everything from downsizing and dealing with relatives, to overcoming grief and loneliness, living on a fixed income, keeping busy, dating and elder abuse.

Advances in Health, Wealth and Lifestyle over the past half century have changed the perception of the “older years” from a state of Ending to state of New Beginning.

Nowadays, the older years allow us to adapt to, and re-create, a new lifestyle…. a new, separate, and exciting Journey.

Out First Journey was Childhood.

Our Second Journey was Adulthood.

Our Third Journey – Olderhoodprovides us the opportunity to utilize our experiences, our wisdom and our knowledge, combined with our financial security and wellness, to open up a vast array of choices and pleasures.

Our First Two Journeys in life were largely governed by external forces, customs and society’s standards. Our Third Journey is the opportunity to be ourselves.




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